Our grape varieties

The Masía is surrounded by more than 12 hectares of its own organically farmed vineyards, featuring primarily local varieties, such as Xarel lo and Macabeu, along with other grapes like Merlot, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, from which well-known wineries in the area produce their cava and wine.

The wine harvest

The most special time of the year to visit Penedès is during the wine harvest, at the end of August and into September, when the summer days are starting to get shorter, the air is already cooler and the vines are at their most resplendent. It’s a magical time, when farmers keep a watchful eye on the clouds, the roads are full of tractors, and machinery and workers dot the fields.

The house is located next to the vineyards, surrounded by green fields. It’s very quiet at night and we were woken up by the birds singing in the morning. Lovely! Cristina and Jose brought us to experience the wine harvest. The tasty grapes and the whole process really excited us.

Donnia Tang,donnia-tang
Shenzhen, China